From the album Miss Alabama


Good Enough to Stay

I poured out all my years
Died a little inside
In desperate attempt
To keep my pride alive
Only so many nights
I can cry myself to sleep
I've had the thought to leave
But damn we're in so deep

So I'm damned if I don't
And a villain if I do
Gonna have to kill my soul
To spend my life with you
Why the hell can't you see
How hard you're pushing me away
It's not quite bad enough to leave
But not quite good enough to stay

I've given you all my years
Stood right by your side
For so long I've feared
You've given up the fight
I know you still come home
But how's that good enough
Why won't you just admit
You've fallen out of love


Everyday that passes by
A little less left to lose
I'm tired of fighting these battles
That i didn't choose
Would you even care if I left
Would you notice I was gone
I know that you're still here
But has your heart moved on