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  1. Jumped the Track

From the album Miss Alabama


You said you’d ride this ride to the end of the line
That I was the love, love, love of your life
You said you’d always have my back
Who’s gonna watch it now that you’ve jumped the track

Like a ball of fire you showed up here
In the dark of the tunnel you disappeared
Gave me all your love then took it all back
You stole everything when you jumped the track

Sparks spinning off the wheels
Steal on steel
Smoke pouring from the stack
You still jumped the track

This window now my only friend
Even it can’t tell me where you went
You’re just gone, gone, gone not coming back
All alone, lone, lone since you jumped the track


On its own this train will stop
When the pain is gone and I step off
You won’t find me looking back
I won’t care why you jumped the track