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Affiliate Spotlight: Cary Laine – Musician 

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Cary Laine – Musician 



Where are you from? How long have you lived in the area? 

I am a born and raised southern Alabama girl. I grew up in Citronelle, graduating high school from there. In 2011 I moved to Wyoming, in the Wind River mountain range. I loved the people and the scenery but there truly is no place like home. I moved back to Alabama in 2014 and plan to hang around. 

What motivated you to become a musician? 

My family always jokes that I started “singing” when I was just a baby, but I’m betting it was a lot wailing. As a kid I sang in church, yodeled along to Hank Sr records with my grandfather, sang along to Porgy and Bess with my grandmother, and thought it would be really cool to be just like Dolly Parton. When I was 14, I went to Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival and decided I was going to learn to play guitar and write songs. I’ve never looked back. 

Do you think you have any stylistic differences that set you apart from other musicians? 

I think what sets me apart as a musician is that I am versatile and do not quite fit any certain genre or mold. A lot of people have the notion that I am strictly country which isn’t true. I never approach writing a song thinking that it has to fit any certain genre or fit any specific criteria. I just let it happen. The result can be heard in my new album, where every song sounds different instead of finding one magic “formula” and sticking with it. 

What do you want to accomplish through music? 

I am type A, so I do want to achieve success. My definition of success is not fame, but rather I want to share my music with as many people as I can and know that it meant something to them. I want to make people smile or cry, feel something. I think that’s what most true artists want. If I can buy some cool guitars and boots along the way, that would be the cherry on top. 

Any events/shows in the near future? 

February 26 I am having an album release party at The Listening Room in downtown Mobile for my Miss Alabama album and my good friend (also on The Voice) Robert Lee’s Wandering Soul album. We decided it would be awesome to share a part of our musical journey again since we collaborate often and were releasing our new albums the same time.  The next night we will be joined by another The Voice alumnus, Megan Ruger, as we take the stage at Legacy Bar and Grill in Mobile. 

Any hobbies or interests outside of music? 

Outside of music, I love to travel and see new places, meet people, and experience new things. I love to go fishing and being outdoors. 

What does the 251 community mean to you? 

The 251 community represents home, family, and my biggest support system. I got to really see that on my journey on The Voice. The whole community rallied around me and I could feel the love. I was already homesick and that experience made it completely clear to me that it was time to come HOME. Plus I missed sweet tea, seafood, southern cooking, hospitality, and our Gulf Coast music scene. 

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